Born and raised in Okinawa Japan, Suguru studied at a top New York design school and then began a successful twenty-year career in the U.S. designing graphic-forward clothing for major fashion companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, and Jessica Simpson. Driven by a passion to express his own unique style in a special way, he was inspired by the Japanese art of silk printing known as “Nassen”. Nassen is a contemporary application of a Japanese rice paste resist dyeing technique that was used in the making colorful kimonos in the early 20th century. Suguru offers several designs that are hand-made in Kyoto using this time-honored technique.


High quality scarves and clothing inspired by edgy urban landscapes and gritty city scenes combined with fun and playful low-tech artwork that quickly grabs your senses.  Designs infused with light Japanese iconography then filtered through an urban lens. Fine silks and other fabrics that are distinctly weathered, classic, hip, and polished.


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