Taking wrinkles out of your silk scarf :

The best way to remove wrinkles from your silk scarf is to use steam. A garment steamer emits steam and easily gets rid of wrinkles. If some parts of the item get wet, allow it to air dry. If you iron your silk scarf use the “cool" setting or use the lowest temperature setting. Apply heat on the back of the silk with a towel or other cotton fabric covering the silk with the cotton to act as a buffer between the iron and the silk. Do not leave the iron on the silk for more and a few seconds at a time or it may burn or damage the item. You may also hang the silk item in the bathroom while you take shower. The humidity will create steam will that will help remove the wrinkles. Leave the scarf hanging overnight if possible.

Washing :

As our label states, dry cleaning is the best way to keep silk scarves looking new and to keep the print and color looking bright and vivid. By washing with water, no matter how gentle, you may cause some minor discoloration.  Please follow the steps below if you choose to hand wash. Please note that we cannot be responsible for any discoloration or damage caused by hand washing. Never machine wash the scarf.

1. In lukewarm water, add a gentle detergent like baby shampoo or Woollite. Mix the soap and water gently to create some bubbles. Immerse the scarf in the water then gently let it soak for 3 minutes or so.

2. Move the silk gently in the water with your hands. If there is a stain you wish to remove, spot massage the area very gently using your fingers.

3. Rinse with cold water. Put the soapy scarf under the cold running water until all the soap has rinsed away. Add a very small amount of white vinegar into the cold water The white vinegar will help to remove any remaining soap residue and help the silk shine. Move the silk in the vinegar water for 1 minute and then remove it. Do not allow it to soak.

4. Then dry the silk on a flat surface between two clean towels. Place the silk on the towel after taking some of the extra water out by applying some gentle pressure.  Never wring the silk, treat it very gently and let it dry over time between the towels.

5. Next roll the scarf and towel together into a burrito-like roll and place it in the refrigerator for about half and hour.

6. Finally iron the scarf (as above) on its backside using the lowest temperature setting on iron. This should eliminate most of the wrinkles and remove any remaining moisture. 

7. Wear your lovely fresh and shinny scarf again!